Responsible Care®

Responsible Care® is a voluntary commitment.

Responsible Care® is a voluntary commitment made by the international chemical industry to continuously improve performances on safety, health, environment, and security, aiming for excellence in each of these aspects.
To achieve this goal, legal standards need to be met or even exceeded, and the industry should work together with governments and other stakeholders. 

Responsible Care® represents a commitment to ethical standards and excellence in chemical safety management made by the chemical industry, with the hope of increasing public trust and confidence in the industry’s management of the safety life cycle of chemical products. Furthermore, it ensures that these chemical products would contribute to improving standards of living, raising the quality of life, and protecting the environment. Effective and transparent interaction with industry stakeholders is the cornerstone of Responsible Care®, which also plays a role in understanding and fulfilling society’s expectations towards the chemical industry.
Responsible Care® represents the chemical industry's commitment to sound chemical management

Responsible Care® is also the International Council of Chemical Associations' (ICCA) and the Taiwan chemical industry’s response to the UN’s Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) framework. Responsible Care® seeks to achieve, before 2020, the important goals set by this policy framework, which are to achieve sustainable development goals and reduce the negative impact of chemical products on the environment and on human health during chemical manufacturing and use.

Responsible Care® was first initiated by the Canadian chemical industry in 1985 as a response to the external challenges faced by the industry and the expectations of industry stakeholders. Chemical companies from more than seventy countries participate in the ICCA today and participate in the promotion and implementation of Responsible Care®.

The TRCA implements the Responsible Care® by having the CEO sign a Statement of Commitment and the Responsible Care Global Charter, both of which are mandatory for a company to become a member of the TRCA. Furthermore, by implementing the Codes of Management Practices, conducting self-evaluations, implementing management system verification (MSV), requiring that companies submit HSE Performance Indicators Reports, and having chemical companies share their experiences with implementing Responsible Care® with each other, the TRCA helps each company establish a comprehensive set of safety, health, environment, and security management systems, thus achieving sustainable development goals.