2022 1st CEO Meeting

TRCA will hold the first CEO meeting of 2022 on Wednesday, September 14, 2022, at 11:45 am at the Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel.

2050 net zero transformation is the goal of the world and also the goal of Taiwan! The goal of net-zero transformation by 2050 is ambitious, and advanced countries in the world have invested incalculable amounts of time, energy and funds to respond. Since the transformation issue involves a wide range of departments and is based on the cooperation of industry, government, academia and research, the government needs to join hands with the people and invite the whole people to participate and cooperate in order to achieve a successful transformation.

Energy transformation is one of the major strategies for the 2050 net-zero path planning, which involves the subversion of concepts and habits. The success of transformation depends on a lot of communication and coordination. In order to help the chemical industry understand the energy transition issues that are closely related to industry and life, the Comprehensive Planning Group of the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan is specially invited to explain the path of Taiwan's energy transition planning, and to analyze the country's future policy direction, goals and practices, so as to help the petrochemical industry to prepare and respond.